x nandina domestica ‘nana’

A small shrub. Foliage turns from lime green to red autumn colour. Tolerates frost and coastal air.

Grows to 60cm H x 60cm W

Planting ideas - perfect for:

• Privacy
• Formal Hedges

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Ideal spacing: 30-50 cm apart - Also great for avenue and driveway Edges

Conditions: Will tolerate a range of soils including

• Poor dry
• Heavy compacted
• Light shale
• Grey loam
• Basalt
• Granite

Cultural Note:

  • Plant in a large hole (40cm width, 50-60cm depth).
  • Leave a 3-inch trough when sowing.
  • Water in well and keep soil moist until tree is established.
  • Mulch tree with either wood chips or straw. This will "limit" watering and retain soil moisture for a longer period.
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Nandina red & lime green foliage
Nandina red & lime green foliage