Parkwood Pines are a wholesale farm tree nursery established in 2003. We are bulk order specialists and sell direct and ensure our clients and customers will benefit when purchasing large quantities of trees.

We appreciate that those on large farms or smaller acreage usually require trees in bulk to cover large areas. The general pricing's of most nursery's means this is out of reach of many.

Parkwood Pines aim to make it more affordable for people to carry out there tree-planting projects "year to year" and hopefully achieve the results which will improve their property and fulfil their aspirations.

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PARKWOOD PINES specialises in Leylandii conifers, growing the 'Leighton Green' and 'Castlewellan Gold' variety. The plants are grown in a natural environment and have had exposure to direct sunlight and frost conditions. This effectively hardens juvenile stock for a more successful planting. These trees, once planted will achieve a consistent, even growth.

Whether for windbreaks on your farm or privacy on your block - Leylandii Pines are an excellent choice. Allowed to grow to their mature height, a row of Leylandii conifers form an impressive windbreak. "Their even growth and consistent conical shape is an advantage", advises Graham & Michele Hayes of "PARKWOOD PINES".

PARKWOOD PINES sell their plants at 60 cm - 80 cm of height when they are twelve months old. "This is the ideal height to plant". Planting tube stock is not recommended with conifers, unlike natives which do extremely well as tube stock. Leylandii's can reach 6 metres high in 10 years.

PARKWOOD PINES guarantees optimum quality and consistent growth of all stock.

PARKWOOD PINES advises that correct preparation of the soil will give your plants the best start. Ideally, the soil should be ripped to 60cm deep along the proposed tree line, if possible, rip twice prior to planting.

Plants have a greater growth rate if the ground is ripped. By ripping, plants establish a deeper root system more quickly. This can benefit trees in withstanding times of drought.

Sowing Alternative

  • Plant in a large hole (40 cm width, 50-60 cm depth).
  • Back fill hole leaving a 3-inch trough.
  • Water in well and keep soil moist until tree is established. (2 years old)
  • Mulch tree with either wood chips or straw. This will limit watering and retain soil moisture for a longer period.

PARKWOOD PINES advises planting in Autumn or Winter for best growth results due to likelihood of rain, causing moisture to penetrate into the soil. However Spring planting is also possible but trees may require occasional watering throughout the Summer period to ensure survival. When planting Leylandii's, the top of the root ball should be 3 inches below the ground surface. A slow release fertilizer can be used but is not essential. Mulching can greatly benefit initial establishment, as it helps in retaining moisture.

By planting Leylandii's two metres apart, a single row should form a screen within four years. However a double row of Leylandii's planted in a zigzag pattern will create a dense screen more quickly.

If you are concerned about wet areas on your property PARKWOOD PINES recommends Lombardy Poplars. These trees thrive in moist areas and additionally; their bright yellow Autumn foliage is very attractive. The contrast between the Leylandii Pines and Poplars complement each other.

Leylandii Pines are very versatile and would compliment any acreage.
There are many advantages in growing these trees:

  • Their very fast and dense growth can make a strong architectural impact to your property.
  • A row of Leylandii Pines can provide privacy and absorb noise.
  • Leylandii Pines sown as a windbreak will give shelter up to 5 times its height.
  • Cost effective with 99% strike rate.
  • Very hardy trees (tolerate extreme cold and long dry seasons)
  • Grow in a range of soil conditions.
  • Suit coastal and dryer regional areas (Wagga, Forbes, Dubbo)
  • Leylandii Pines can be trimmed into a Hedge.

PARKWOOD PINES are now based in Historic village of Tarago NSW. Just 45 mins from Canberra, 25 mins from Goulburn and just over an hours drive to the Shoalhaven coast.

Trees are available at Field Days throughout the year:

  • Tocal (April)
  • Murrumbateman (October)
  • Hawkesbury Small Farm Expo (November)
  • Windellama (November)

And by appointments weekdays.
Delivery of stock is available and can be arranged for your convenience by PARKWOOD.

PARKWOOD PINES also carry a select range of Deciduous Autumn Colour Trees & Hedging Plants

1. Lombardy & Silver Poplars
2. Cotton wood Poplars
3. London Plane Trees
4. Silver Birch
5. Tasmanian Blue Gum (globulus)
Paddy’s River Box (macarthurii)
7. Willow Gum (scoparia)
8. HedgingPhotinia, Nandina, Pittosporum, English & Japanese Box.

These are fantastic Driveway options as they are hardy and fast growing.

PARKWOOD PINES cater for those needing large quantities of trees at an affordable cost, BUT not compromising size.

* Based at Tarago NSW – 45 mins from Canberra, 25 mins Goulburn

And by appointments 7 days a week.
Delivery of stock is available and can be arranged for your convenience by PARKWOOD at a cost of approx : $2.50- $3.00 per tree (depending on Location & Distance)


Contact: Graham & Michele Hayes

100 Cullulla Rd Tarago. ~ Phone= 0419449847